From Box to Supplements

At one point in a training career, you will peak. At that point an athlete has the ability to take one of two roads.

1st Road

The first road is usually filled with a rollercoaster of emotions typically starting with frustration. Shortly following the frustration stage is the determination stage. After determination comes and goes anger and disappointment sets in. The reason this is so common is because athletes often times like to constantly be seeing gains and setting new personal records. This is flat unrealistic as the body will naturally go through peaks and valleys in levels of physical fitness. Everyone has experienced going to the gym one day and doing a 135 lb. snatch that feels as if it is only the weight of the bar, and in contrast experienced the 135 lb. snatch that feels like 225. This seems to be especially common in a sport that is notorious for pushing limits called crossfit Now before getting discouraged in reading this article wait till I mention the 2nd road.

2nd Road

The second road is the realization that nutrition is a key aspect to seeing consistent gains. I began using crossfit supplements to help me train harder, longer, quicker and heavier. It took me nearly three years to find products that were not jam packed with unnecessary ingredients. From what I have seen, Atomic Strength Nutrition has provided tested and proven creatine, recovery & protein. All athletes will hit speed bumps in training regiments, and it helps to have extra fuel to push through. I decided to list out a few of their product offerings below. Check them out and comment to let me know your opinions.




Crushing Crossfit


Fitness is Prominent in El Paso, Texas

Recently, the fitness bug has hit the east El Paso and west El Paso. More specifically crossfit in El Paso has really taken stride and is responsible for stealing many members away from globo gyms. There are a few key factors in determining which crossfit box in el paso is going to be the best fit for a person. The Crossfit Games have been a huge boost to the sport of Crossfit. The anyone can play attitude is very appealing to all participants because everyone has a chance to compete.




When it comes down to equipment it is important to have full rigs that extend the entire length of the gym. Olympic lifting platforms and gymnastics bars are vital if you want to attract all different types of fitness segments. Weightlifting bars, bumper plates, gymnastics rings and kettlebells is important so the gym owner can make up variety of different workouts. There are many different styles of workouts from body building intensive all the way to MMA. When searching the web I read and it was able to break down the philosophy of crossfit which is basically a mixture of all of the different types of training methods. Ratio One.61 gym is one of the premier crossfit gyms that you can find in El Paso. The equipment is all Rogue Fitness branded which is top of the line in terms of durability.




To find quality coaching people often have to leave El Paso. This is not the case at this gym as they have found a great ratio of highest level coaches who are certified in USAW United States Association of Weightlifting. El Paso crossfit is gaining popularity and the recovery drink that have been added to the product mix gives the gym some extra clout in east El Paso The showers are another extra benefit to members as they are able to work out and shower up in half the time it takes to drive home and back to work. Check out their Facebook presence here.